Ouvra is a Transylvanian born Romanian-Hungarian multidisciplinary artist living in Melbourne Australia. She has a Master in Communication Design at RMIT University.

Through her work she explores her own feminine experience as well as the spiritual anatomy of women through archetypes and intangible concepts such as women’s intuition and feminine receptivity & connectivity to nature. She also explores and charts the spiritual anatomy of her own (pro)creative fertility as an artist by birthing unifying spaces and platforms to be inhabited by the viewer. 

She is inspired by the parallels in the design of nature and the female form and translates this through eco-sexual symbology.  


As a designer Ouvra delights in the enterprise of not only providing design solutions to her clients, but imbuing the work with a life force of its own. She has an interest in editorial illustration (books, magazines, catalogues), business branding (logos, packaging & additional collateral), designing apps, interactive installations and other conceptual or experimental design.  She enjoys creating variations on a theme and providing outcomes that require highly inventive creative solutions with transcendent qualities, whilst utilising strategic design thinking to solve real world problems.

She capitalises on her skillset in art & illustration by applying divergent thinking, using an interdisciplinary approach to cross-fertilise her projects with unique aesthetic outcomes.